About US

Mains Efficaces is a non-governmental, non-religious, non-political organization and is fully authorized by the government of Benin Republic to carry out her activities.

Mains Efficaces which means Effective Hands was born as a result of passion in the heart of Unyime Nkanta for abandoned children, orphans and the less privileged in Benin Republic and west Africa.

Mains Efficaces was officially incorporated in October 31, 2013 with the registration number: 2013/316/DEP_ATL_LIT/SG/SAG-ASSOC.


Unyime Nkanta

Founder/President unyimenkanta@yahoo.com

Gaelle Felix

Project Manager

Our Aims And Objectives

To provide basic needs such as shelter, food and clothing to the abandoned children, orphans, handicapped and less privileged.

To provide medical assistance to the less privileged.

To provide education and training in carpentry, engineering, tailoring, catering and other vocational skills to the less privileged.

To promote agricultural activities.

To Provide clean wells and borehole water in the rural areas.

To create HIV/AIDS awareness programs.

To Provide educational materials to the less privileged children in schools.

To offer general humanitarian services.

Your Support will be a blessing

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Enregistree sous le n° 2013/316-DEP-ATL-LITT-SG-SAG-Assoc du 31 octobre 2013.